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Learn Basic Skills with RC Cars

When you work with RC cars, boats, and trucks, you'll develop skills that people admire. Redline Hobby helps you get hands-on experience learning basic aerodynamics, physics, and practical mechanical skills. Keep your hands busy with our customizable and rebuildable RC cars. We have partnered with some of the most recognized names in RC hobby such as Traxxas to offer high-quality products that are ready to run or build.

RC Materials for Any Enthusiast Level

Feed your need for speed with high-quality parts you can use to create a race car, whether you're a beginner or a veteran, we have different scale sizes that range from a 1/32 scale to a 1/5 scale radio control car. Our out-of-the-box RCs are perfect for those who are looking to get into this entertaining hobby. If you're looking to step up your fascination with miniature racing cars, we have parts as well as products that run on nitromethane, gasoline, and electricity. All of the parts and accessories that can be implemented on real cars can be used on many RC cars.

RC Truck

Cruise on Your Neighborhood's Local Body of Water

You don't need the open ocean for a pleasure cruise. Buy one of our electric RC boats and cast off from the shore of a nearby lake. We have upgrades and accessories that you can use to make your vessel your own. Forget calling the coast guard when your boat breaks down; some of our boats even include a return-to-shore feature in case your ship runs out of fuel.


Take Your Hobby to New Heights

Command the air with our RC airplanes, helicopters, and drones. Our basic RC drones are ready to fly and easy to learn how to use, but we also have products for more advanced drone operators. We carry replacement parts for drones, as well as parts for upgrades.

Service and Repairs

After extensive play and usage, your RC vehicle will need some repairs and servicing. Bring your hobby vehicle into our shop for maintenance or to complete a build. We are happy to help you upgrade or finish builds when parts are present. Our store can install new parts that are brought to us, and also build to specification, billing for parts.